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things I love: part 2

Round two, here we go!

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Shore Leaf Hook

I love Andytown's beans, supporting a local business and helping others, so the fact that purchasing my FAVORITE bag of beans from them right now means they'll donate to a local charity makes my heart sing. With every bag of Shore Leaf Hook beans purchased in November, they'll donate $1 to St. Anthony's Foundation. St. Anthony's has been nourishing fellow San Franciscans who are most in need for 70 years. Read more about this here. I recommend snagging a bag from the coffee shop and having them grind it for you so you can bask in the glorious smell of freshly ground beans and have it ready to go for you in the morning before you come move with me. 🙃 If you buy them online use code: WFH20 for 20% off!

Sheet-Pan Chicken

Because the sun sets at an ungodly hour, we've decided to try making at least one new delicious recipe each week in our casa on la playa. I bring you this week's success: sheet-pan chicken with chickpeas, cumin and turmeric. Go heavy on the onions - they get super crispy and are absolutely glorious. 

Vera Skin Studio

I feel super fortunate to have crossed paths with Yoli, a beyond lovely human who was the resident esthetician at The Assembly many months ago when life was a bit more normal. She opened her very own skincare studio named Vera in the mission six months before shelter in place started. She helped me understand how I can treat my skin with cleaner products, and helped me navigate what i can do to keep my skin feeling and looking better. Before her I truly had no idea what I was doing, and well, I'm in my thirties now so it's time to take extra good care of this skin. I had the yummiest facial (my first one ever) from Yoli on Friday and I can't recommend connecting with her and supporting her small business enough. She's a true gem.

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