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things I love: part 23

Locally made jewelry! I feel like sundrunk is the perfect description for how it makes me feel. Just ordered the mesa choker, and am obsessed.

Vuori has a new fan, these joggers (I went with a medium) are SO SOFT. I saw a sign the other day that said "no more sweatpants in sf" which I read to the tune of "no more parties in la" by yeezy and I took massive offense to it and placed this order. So soft. They also practice ethical manufacturing, and outline all of their efforts on their site which I appreciate. Yoga teachers can get a discount also :)

Found this spot in SoMa and couldn't be more obsessed. It's sort of Mexican food, sort of a burger place, sort of a great beer spot and sort of a place for comfort food. It's never *that* busy, even for dinner on a Saturday. I love it because we've gone with a group of friends each time, and have scored the one big table they have downstairs - plus the food has never disappointed us, is affordable and you just order from the register making it easy to close out with a group. There's plenty of seating for parties of 2-4 and the upstairs is reserved for extra large groups and parties. SO delicious and a super cool grungy vibe too.

*photos are not mine

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