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things I love: part 22

It has been a MINUTE! But I'm excited to be back sharing some things I love with you all.

This is pretty much equal parts toppings and salad and I LOVE IT. Herbs, zucchini, lemon, PARM!, it's just the most delicious thing and even if you're not a zucchini person, I've proven in my home that even zucchini haters love it. BIG fan. Alison Roman is the queen. Do not skimp on the herbs or roasted scallions and definitely do not skip roasting the walnuts!

An East Bay hike! This was a zinger as you got to the top of the climb, but generally just a super enjoyable hike with lots of beautiful trees. I would highly recommend water and shoes with some traction for the way down - I did this in my trail running shoes and they were perfect. 5.6 mile loop that felt much quicker to me, I believe we completed it in about two hours. If you don't have AllTrails Pro, I can't recommend it enough. The $25 a year to be able to download trails saves me from getting lost a million times over.

This is my favorite easy recipe when I'm craving baked goods. I love to top this with sugar and a bunch of walnuts, I also go light on the sugar in the bread. Just a nice, easy scrumptious start to the day with coffee and if you're anything like me, you tend to buy too many bananas, so this is a perfect way to put them to use. Enjoy!!

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