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things I love: part 16

We've raised money together through my donation-based classes for Seahugger in the past, so the name may ring a bell. Sea Hugger works to create sustainable coastal communities and protect the marine environment while educating the public on reducing plastic dependency. They're amazing & the founder, Shell, recently was diagnosed with breast cancer. If you're able to donate to the cause, they are working to keep Sea Hugger's initiatives alive and going at full force, even while Shell takes time away to kick cancer's butt. If you aren't able to donate, give Sea Hugger a follow on social media and send Shell + her family positive, healing thoughts!

If you're in San Francisco, a lovely morning set up could look like this: head to the Mission, get a fresh concha from Norte54 (Nopa's new cafe spinoff) and a cup of Andytown's Wind & Sea and walk a block to Dolores Park and bask in the sun. You probably know by now how much I love Andytown - their Wind & Sea blend is my favorite. This cute little walk up window scenario is a lovely Mission addition and their Conchas are delicious!

*photo from the above linked article

Studios Re-opening

It is so amazing to know we get to practice together in the same space again! I want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that if your yoga studio is still around, it doesn't mean it's "thriving" - it still very much so needs your support. I read something the other day that said call to mind your five favorite places you pray survive this pandemic and think of them often and support them how you can. In the case of my in-person class, we are allowed to have five students in class. To have a yoga class with five students allowed is far less than what they used to have when the studio I taught at was open; so if you're able to hold onto your membership, buy class packs or continue practicing virtually - I know the studios truly appreciate it. We all know what a beautiful container a yoga studio can be - while of course the convenience of not having to leave home to practice with your teacher is great, there's nothing like being in the same space breathing and moving together.

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