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things I love: part 9

Let's begin by piggy-backing off of last week's food-obsessed post!

Chrissy Teigen is an excellent chef and this soup is SO delicious I cannot recommend making it enough. I went the lazy route and bought the pre-cut bags of butternut squash from Trader Joe's and enjoyed this squash-packed soup all week for lunch. The prosciutto crisps are quite possibly the best thing in the universe as well and I wish I made two packages worth of them.

I love views of the pacific while I hike and this one does not disappoint! On the day we chose, the fog was pretty thick, so while we could see some of the water glimmering through, usual visibility is much better. Bonus points: you get to hang out at Rodeo Beach after if you'd like! You do have to go through the five minute tunnel on your way in and out if you're coming from SF so hopefully you're in not much of a rush getting there or back!

Open is an AMAZING platform offering virtual yoga, meditation and breathwork classes at a very accessible price. Currently memberships are at $20/month. I do still hope you come to my classes, but I cannot recommend these enough as supplement ;) I personally love yoga with Erin Gilmore - it's more pilates than traditional yoga - and meditation with Mel Mah.

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