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things I love: part 8

My friends, there are few things I love in life as much as I love food and soft, comfortable yoga pants. So behold, the things I love: part 8, and the first of 2021! I hope you enjoy.

For my sf locals, this shop sells $20 sandwiches. Now, I know that is the most absurd price for a sandwich, however - it is WORTH IT. I promise you. They have daily specials and a regular menu that does change. They're located in SoMa, and it's quite frankly a random location - but they still have a loyal customer base because they make to-die-for sandwiches with the freshest bread and incredible quality meat. You cannot order ahead, you have to place the order at DB, but they don't take very long because they are PROS, I tell you. I might recommend you snatching one up and bringing it with you on a quick drive to either the Embarcadero or Dolores Park to enjoy it with a view (Dolo is only a 10 minute drive, why not?!). We have to enjoy the simple pleasures these days, people! If I haven't sold you yet, just look at their instagram + if you aren't drooling, I don't know what to tell you.

I love a good baguette, but I really love a good baguette with yummy stuff on top. Behold, the chili onion crunch from Trader Joes. You can eat it on pasta, on eggs or our personal favorite - just simply on a fresh sourdough baguette. It's got some heat, but it's tolerable if you don't overdo the scoop of the crunch on your bread. Trader Joes knows what they're doing with this one.

My favorite leggings, hands down, no competition. When I'm wearing another pair, it's because all of my align pants are dirty. They feel like butter and are just a delight to move in. Try them on when you buy, as I personally wear a size smaller than most other leggings. The darker colors are more forgiving when it comes to sweaty classes, just a tip!

*aside from the deli board image, the other photos are not my own.

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