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things I love: part 6

My boyfriend bought me a kitchenaid for my birthday this year (smart man, as he reaps all of the benefits of my baking). So with that, the first thing I googled was easy things to make with it and this was the first recipe to come up. It's quite easy and a HUGE crowd pleaser. If I can do it, you can - trust me.

I've loved Everlane for many years - like back when it was invite-only to be able to shop the site! I got an awesome weekender bag from them long ago, and now have upgraded my toiletry game with this new catch-all case that I also bought for my sisters and brother in-law this year for Christmas. The sides fold down making it easier to get in the bag + it has a great amount of little pockets making it easier to stay organized when you leave your house.... next year! The warm quartz color is gorgeous.

I truly love having a clean home. I have had hand-me-down vacuums for most of my adult life because I was moving from apartment to apartment and didn't feel like it was time to invest in one yet, as I had roommates. In our new place, we're actually planning to stay here for awhile so it was time to invest in a great vacuum and while this is likely the most old-lady recommendation I could ever make - I LOVE this thing. It is corded, which some may dislike but it cleans hardwood and rugs equally wonderfully, has two settings + is easy to clean, plus the price point is awesome. I got it for $99 on Black Friday but on a regular day it's still under $150! This is a random recommendation, I'm very aware, but each time I use it, I'm like wow I love this vacuum, so here it is under my "things I love" blog for the week! Enjoy your clean floors!

*all photos from the respective company's sites.

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