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things I love: part 5

I love seasonal drinks and this one might just be my favorite. It's not too sweet and has the perfect amount of minty heaven. There's also the option of the "let it snow"-y plover if you're feeling something cold. The drinks come with a cute little candy cane on the side (usually on top, but alas, COVID!) and they use Oaktown Spice Shop's spices (HQ: Oakland, CA) and chocolate ganache from Guittard (HQ: Burlingame, CA) to make the house-made syrups they use for the drinks, which means you just know they're good.

I stumbled upon this lovely Instagram page and soon after started talking with its owner! Turns out she did yoga teacher training at Yoga Flow, where I teach + not only offers pottery she makes in SF, but can make custom pieces! So if you're someone who has procrastinated gift shopping or doesn't know what to buy - check it out. She makes super lovely pieces and is local to the Sunset (which I love to support!).

I have been wanting to become someone who listens to podcasts regularly for awhile now but with my commute to Napa no longer being a thing for work because of COVID, it's hard to find the time to listen! In the last week this has changed - I've now started listening to podcasts as I walk. I realize working from home, even with how much yoga I do, I'm not as mobile as usual. My "steps" are super low, so I've taken up going for walks on Great Highway and listen to this awesome podcast about interior design which now has me hooked. I cannot recommend it enough! Granted, I enjoy interior design, but this is about making a house a home, people's journey's to becoming designers and design tips and hacks. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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