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things I love: part 4

Yes, that is the name of the spot. It's on Noriega and 46th. It has a patio in front, and my personal favorite situation - a patio in back with picnic tables, cute string lights + HEATERS! You can make a reservation in advance and I'll try not to go on for too long about their pizza but - their pizza is SO GOOD. I'm not a sausage pizza person, but I'd say my favorites there are the rotten robby + the dimitri, and both have sausage on top. If you're craving pizza yet still trying to pretend it's healthy, like myself, the veggie pizza is a fabulous option as well and has a pile of delicious goodies on top of a slice of cheese pizza. One slice does it at this place, the pieces are huge. If you're feeling a side, I love their Cesar dressing so much that it's definitely worth getting the salad and their sweet potato fries are thick and delicious. They used to be so busy and the pandemic has really impacted their small business so any support on their end I'm sure will be appreciated!

Every so often you try a wine and it knocks your socks off and this was one of those wines. I'm not a wine snob, but I do enjoy a great bottle of wine + this truly is phenomenal. Try it for yourself + know you're supporting a truly lovely family owned winery in the Sonoma Mountains.

I have been on the hard kombucha train these days + most recently have been truly enjoying JuneShine + Jiant. They're gluten-free, organic + probiotic, leaving me with a very happy stomach. For the slightly warmer evenings here in the Bay, they're a delight to bring for an evening beach stroll; otherwise you can just enjoy them whenever the mood strikes! The weirdest part is that I'm not actually a regular kombucha drinker - so if you're the same and aren't sure about hard kombucha because of it - you might dig these!

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