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things I love: part 20

If you don't already know, I'm 100% Armenian, and yesterday was the 106th anniversary of the start of the Armenian Genocide. Due to Turkey's denial this event never happened, the US has never called it what it was - Genocide. Yesterday, President Biden did call the events of 1915 genocide, which for the Armenian people was a big step in the right direction. Unfortunately, he stated he was not placing blame, which is a bummer, as those of us who had family perish in the genocide know who did it (Ottoman Empire Turks). I could go on with this for awhile, it's a huge part of our history - but for now I will direct you to my Instagram where I shared my great grandma's experience + story.

(above image from BBC)

I took a class at the new Love Story Yoga in Marin this previous week. It was my first class in person as a student in a LONG TIME (aka 5 months). The first om's of class brought tears to my eyes. To be together again moving and breathing together means so much to me. It's so incredible to lead class, but being a student is also a different kind of magic. Join me at Yogabeach for in person class, outdoors at Crissy Field or check out Love Story's new location in Larkspur - it's so nice to gather together in practice. I'm so grateful this is back!

Wow, hearing a crowd roar was amazing. I have been fortunate to go to a few Giants games already at Oracle Park and I could not recommend the experience enough. You either need to show proof of full vaccination 2 weeks out from the game you attend or get a COVID test that reads negative within 72 hours of the game and you're set. It's spacious and really wonderful to have something fun to go do again! I hope to be able to enjoy a game at Wrigley (the Cubs will always be my number one forever, but after five years in SF, I'll root for the Giants too) when I am home next.

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