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things I love: part 15

If you've ever been to a class of mine, I've probably mentioned coffee or I've been drinking it at the start rof class - I don't have a problem, I swear... ? But really, it's one of my favorite things and I truly look forward to enjoying my cup of coffee in the morning and I am super grateful to live in a city that has a really great coffee culture. Lady Falcon Coffee Club originated in my neighborhood (Outer Sunset) + while many establishments thought the Bay Area sell their drip coffee or bags and you can order coffee from them to your home if you're not in SF, my favorite way to enjoy their coffee is at their little coffee truck at Alamo Square. They sometimes have Bob's Donuts to pair which is just a true delight when sipping on a delicious latte or Black and Tan (cold brew and homemade whip, YES) while gazing at the Pink Ladies and dreaming of your life in one of those beautiful victorians. Should also mention it's a female founded and run business which of course is always a great thing to support!

(photo from yelp)

It's been so exciting to see new places pop up in our corner of the city and in true Rachel fashion, I had pizza two nights in a row last week. One being the second heart shaped deep dish pizza I had mailed to our home from Lou Malnati's for Valentine's Day because NOTHING says I love you like pizza. And the second being this damn fine pizza. It was damn fine, and the restaurant is called damn fine. They don't deliver (at least for now) + it looked like you could enjoy the pizza outside the restaurant in a makeshift parklet but their inside looked amazing and I can't wait until we get to enjoy that! Anyway, they put baby pepperonis on the pizza and it's fantastic and I would recommend it. They also offer natural wine, yay!

(photo from the damn fine website)

An app I actually use! 1SE is "1 second every day" and it gives you the prompt to upload a one second video or photo every day for a year. I've somehow kept up with it so far and it's been great to know I'll have a cool little recap of my year at the end of 2021, but even better - I'm loving this idea that I'm looking for that little one second I can highlight every day. If I find myself working a lot one day where I haven't found myself outside or carved out time to do something that brings me joy worth highlighting, this little app and my commitment to sticking with it prompts me to get up and out, even if it's just for a short while. I'm grateful for the nudge it gives me and the way it helps me look for the joy in my day.

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