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things I love: part 12

Sheet Pan Nachos

The best, easiest, most satisfying dinner. Here's how you do it, Rachel-style:

First you lay down chips (ideally Casa Sanchez thick & crispy) in a layer. For the two of us, we use a small baking pan. Sprinkle a small layer of monterey or pepper jack on the chips, then I put some chopped red peppers on top. Now for meat - we’ve done shredded chicken with taco seasoning (or if you can find pepper plant seasoning, use that with the meat) or ground chicken the same way (my fave). OR skip meat! Heat up refried beans briefly with some milk to get them to soften, and put them in a plastic Ziplock and cut the tip to squeeze it out semi-evenly on the chips! Over the meat/beans, layer green chilis, salsa verde, Cholula and black olives with more shredded cheese all over that. Bake at 375 until the cheese looks melted and glorious. Spoon avocado over it + squeeze sour cream or greek yogurt over the top as you did with the beans. And there you have it! Sheet pan 'chos!

AH!!! We have a real FULL grocery store in the Outer Sunset and my lord, it is glorious. I love that Gus' is family-owned and operated and I'm so excited for myself, my neighbors and especially the workers that we no longer need to shimmy past each other through tiny aisles anymore. If you don't know what I'm talking about, Noriega Produce has moved to 44th + Noriega and is now a full-service grocery store. Gus' is offering a meat counter, cheese counter, smoothies, açaí bowls (tested, and approved by me!), a sandwich bar, a crazy large beer/wine/ice cream selection, beautiful produce, and so much more. Swing by!

A fellow yogi enlightened me and showed me these cotton blend, comfortable pants from our local surf shop, Mollusk. Now that we're almost at a year in work-from-home mode, I'm only putting on jeans for special occasions, so I wanted an alternative to yoga pants for my daily wear, that make me feel semi put together. Enter: Mollusk beach pants. They have versions for men and women, but the guy at the surf shop says men sometimes wear the women's versions anyway? Big fan.

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