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things I love: part 10

Drumroll please... I bring you... more food!

We got this cookbook for Christmas and it has easily become one of my favorites. I think Alison Roman is a genius + if I had to pick a favorite recipe out of this, I truly love the Labneh dip (sooo good) but the hands down favorite is the Frizzled Chickpeas with Feta + Oregano recipe. My boyfriend who hates onions loves it and it has a LOT of onions in it - yet, they're SO crispy, as are the chickpeas. Big. Fan. Try your best to share this, as it's easy to eat the entire thing and then you'll find yourself a full can of chickpeas deep with a stomach ache. Spring for the nice feta, by the way (Valbreso French feta from Whole Foods is our go-to). It's worth it. Oh, and add shallots!

Natural wine, delivered to your door! I got a recommendation to check this company out from a fellow yoga teacher and I'm an instant fan. It's reasonable and allows you to have a super fun mail day once a month while exposing you to natural wines that will make your evenings home a little more decadent.

So this past Monday was MLK Day, which meant most people had the day off of work, which meant most people fled to a park or the beach. Eager to get in on some of that sunshine + distanced hangs with friends, we were part of that "flee outside" crowd. While we live by the beach, our friends we had plans with don't so the idea of them fighting for parking didn't seem enticing, nor did the beach restrooms. Enter, SF Botanical Gardens! They are spacious, beautiful, have a lot to explore, clean restrooms, water refill stations + you can pass the line if you reserve a free ticket (SF residents). A friend of mine dropped this idea on us all and while I wanted to hit the beach, it turned out to be the best situation on a busy park/beach holiday Monday as everyone's searching for space and sun. I plan to go back to wander and check out all of the lovely corners and greenery very soon.

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