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things I love: part 1

I've started sharing a few things I've loved over the past week in my newsletter. I've decided to start logging those babies here as well, so I hope you find these tips to lead you to things you love too.

The Reversible Mat

It's always hard to let go of a worn in mat, so when I finally had enough of my old mat peeling, I went for this Lululemon mat. I could not be more stoked on how sticky it is - I never feel like I am going to slip! While it may seem pricey, prior to this one, I had the same mat for four years - so I’d call it a worthy investment. I chose the 5mm, because although it's a tad heavy to tote around, it's easier on the wrists while practicing than the 3mm.

Very Soft Hoodie

Traveler is a surf club in Pacifica that also sells a beautifully curated selection of the best goodies, such as this lovely hoodie. It is SO very soft. It seems like the ones online don’t have the city on the back - mine does and I love it! Maybe pay the shop a visit. 😊 Also, the business is women-owned! 

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Scones

I love these seasonal scones from Andytown SO MUCH They only make a limited amount so you gotta get there early - or sleep in and cop this recipe. I skip the glaze + just take handfuls to the pan to bake instead of shaping them. Pro tip: I use my Kitchen Aid stand mixer instead of a hand one because that always makes a crazy mess for me. 

Owl Trail

Start at Slide Ranch for this beautiful hike and enjoy coastal views almost the entire way. It’s ~2 miles so it’s perfect for a weekday morning adventure. 

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