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some thoughts on 2020

Reflecting on this past year is kind of overwhelming isn’t it? For all the good things, I feel so incredibly grateful. For all the small moments that felt far more like treasured memories than they would have been considered during a ‘normal year,’ for my employment, for zoom, for virtual yoga, for new places to teach, for my relationship, for my health, for my home, my family, for healthcare workers that helped my friend beat cancer & ones that did successful surgeries on my mom & grandma, safe deliveries of many new beautiful babies I can’t wait to meet, the list goes on.

But with everything I am so grateful for, I remember those on the other side of the coin - those who lost loved ones, their jobs, their homes; those who are desperately missing human interaction, those who are sick, and those who haven’t been able to see family at all for the past nine months.

This year we’ve been so far from each other (6 feet at least!), yet, I wonder if we’ll ever have such a worldwide collective experience (some of course had it harder than others) ever again. We are all in the middle of a very disruptive time. The hope lies in the silver lining - those who showed up for each other during hard & awful times, the innovative ways we can show we care from afar and the small glimmers of the light at the end of the tunnel of a truly unexpected year. 2020 was one that constantly reminded us (except for the toilet paper hoarders...) to look out for each other + take care of our communities and loved ones the best we can. It was a year that urged many people to take note of what’s important and maybe reassess their work situations or where they live and reevaluate how they’re living their lives. I hope from this pandemic we can bring all of that with us into years to come. May we keep looking out for one another, continue to find ways to make life a little less hard for each other and may we appreciate what we have. Wishing everyone a bright, healthy, prosperous & joyful year ahead.


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